November 09, 2020

The millennial Indian woman is one who cannot be straitjacketed. And this extends to the quintessential vesimi girl too. She is well travelled and global in thought due to her international address, but she hasn’t shunned her roots. Her interactions with cultures beyond her own enhance her personality without taking away the essential Indian-ness. She embraces tradition and modernity with equal flair, and that reflects in every area of her life and her home, her friends, her beliefs, and her dressing. This is a woman with many moods, and we believe in celebrating them all.

The VESIMI woman is quirky

Unconventional in approach, she loves to surprise those around her. She’ll dip-dye her hair a flaming red on a whim, and paint her bedroom wall purple. For when florals are too mainstream, she isn’t afraid to wear a print that many would consider far-fetched.

VESIMI Voice Tip: No one does offbeat prints quite like Masaba Gupta.


The VESIMI woman is feminine

When the mood strikes, she’s the ultimate girly-girl. She will pepper her home with fresh flowers; paint her nails pink and dress in classic, fail-safe silhouettes. Feminine and feminist, she can wear both hats with equal ease.

VESIMI Voice Tip: Anushree Reddy and Archana Rao have mastered the art of creating ensembles that epitomise pretty.


The VESIMI woman is experimental

She’ll try the keto diet just because and constantly push herself out her comfort zone. For her, life is about marrying the best of all worlds, in order to maximise her takeaway from every situation. So she’ll her high street crop top with a couture lehenga, and throw in jewellery from a vintage thrift store.

VESIMI Voice Tip: Ridhi Mehra injects traditional looks with a contemporary update while Manish Arora is constantly pushing the envelope.


The VESIMI woman can balance varied cultures

She doesn’t believe in boxing herself in labels defined by community, religion, ethnicity or nationality. She’s a global citizen. She merges the best of all cultures to create her own belief system, and it’s something she’s proud of.

VESIMI Voice Tip : Saaksha & Kinni use their travels as inspiration to create collections for the global Indian.



By Praachi Raniwala


By   Praachi Raniwala

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